Which Virgin Islands are the Best for Your Vacation?

When it comes to planning a Caribbean vacation, it can be difficult to decide which of the Virgin Islands is the best for you. Although St. Thomas is the busiest and most commercialized of the three islands, St. Croix is the largest and offers a less commercialized experience.

If you're looking for an exciting Caribbean vacation with plenty of activities or a more relaxed getaway surrounded by nature, then one of these beautiful Virgin Islands will be perfect for your next trip!St. Thomas is the most visited and cosmopolitan of the U. S. Virgin Islands, and home to the territory's capital, Charlotte Amalie.

Here you'll find family-friendly restaurants and haute cuisine establishments, lively nightlife, pristine white-sand beaches and well-maintained golf courses surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty. If you like bargains, you can also visit some of the island's many tax-free stores. For a more relaxed vacation, head to St. John, which is even smaller than St. Thomas.

Most of its approximately 19 square miles are occupied by an impressive national park. This is the place to go if you want a quiet vacation surrounded by nature, but remember that the entertainment and nightlife of St. Thomas is a short ferry ride away. St.

John's many nature trails allow you to see incredible plants and wildlife, ancient rock carvings and abandoned sugar mills, and there's even an underwater trail for a total island experience. If you're looking for excitement and relaxation, consider visiting both St. Thomas and St. Croix. Both Caribbean islands offer an incredible vacation experience, but they offer their emotions in very different ways.

Thomas covers an area of just 32 square miles, but it's packed with things to do and places to see. Don't miss Magens Bay, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful in the world. For snorkeling or diving, it's best to head to Coki Beach. St. Croix is the largest in the U.

Virgin Islands and is located about 42 miles south of St. The island has been influenced by the French, the Dutch, the British, the Spanish and even the Knights of Malta, which could explain its rich cultural diversity. Throughout the city of St Louis you can see colonial architecture from different eras. St Croix receives less tourists than St Thomas making it a great destination if you want a less commercial Caribbean experience. We recommend that you base your visit in Christiansted where you can tour the historic fort and take a boat to nearby Buck Island to snorkel at one of only three underwater national monuments in the United States. St Croix is also home to Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan Rum (both offering guided tours and exhibitions) and the Estate Whim Plantation Museum.

You'll also want to set aside a night to kayak through the bioluminescent bay — it's impressive! If you're a food enthusiast and like to explore local offerings, reserve a table on Savant's patio. The British Virgin Islands is a British overseas territory consisting of four larger islands (Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke), while the U. S Virgin Islands is a territory of the United States that consists of three larger islands (St Thomas). The British Virgin Islands are known for being relaxed and relaxed, while the U. S Virgin Islands are generally considered to be more family-friendly. The Thomas standoff is intriguing as both islands are extremely popular with American tourists and one U.

S passport required to visit them both! They're also close enough that going from island to island is not only possible but also highly recommended. No matter which paradise island you decide to visit, you'll find welcoming people, delicious food, luxury accommodations, and a wealth of leisure and entertainment options available.