Exploring the US Virgin Islands: Bike Paths and Beaches

The US Virgin Islands are a paradise for beach lovers, offering stunning aquatic waters, sandy shores and sunny days. But there's more to explore than just the beaches. The Virgin Islands National Park is home to kilometers of trails, allowing visitors to experience the beauty of the Caribbean from a new perspective. From St.

Croix to St. John, here are some of the best beaches and bike paths in the US Virgin Islands.On St. Croix, Lindquist Beach is a secluded spot in Smith Bay Park. Here, visitors can stroll along the coast and take a dip in the calm, crystal clear waters.

The pink hue of the sand is not an illusion - it's caused by tiny pieces of coral mixed in with the sand. Snorkelers will be surrounded by sea creatures such as crabs, stingrays and turtles, while on land, you can spot seabirds, giant iguanas, coconut trees and sea grapes. Bring a lunch to enjoy under the shade of the trees.On St. Thomas Island, Secret Harbour Beach is a favorite spot for sailors to anchor their boats near the southeastern coast.

The rugged coastline attracts divers to see the fish that congregate around the rocks. You can also rent sun loungers, umbrellas and water sports equipment at nearby dive shops. After a day on the water, be sure to order tuna nachos with ahi at the nearby Sunset Grille.Brewers Bay Beach offers authentic pieces of Caribbean island life. Observe coral beds while snorkeling in crystal clear waters and get up close to seagrasses for the best chance of seeing sea turtles, colorful fish and stingrays.

Pick up shells along the coast and visit one of the roadside food trucks for local favorites like Johnny's pastries, fried chicken and rice, and fruit drinks.Trunk Bay Beach in Virgin Islands National Park regularly appears on Condé Nast Traveler magazine's lists of the best beaches in the world. Follow the park's self-guided underwater snorkel trail 200 feet to see large turtles, blue-bellied tunicates (also known as sea jets), coral reefs and fish. For a less crowded stretch of beach, walk west or follow the Drunk Bay Trail that surrounds the nearby salt pond.Great Lameshur Bay is a secluded place usually accessed by four-wheel-drive vehicles. The shoreline is sandy and full of pebbles so wear water shoes when swimming in its calm waters.

Divers will see stingrays, sea turtles and coral reefs full of fish while hikers can explore trails leading to ruins of a sugar mill or hike up Bordeaux mountain - St. John's highest point at 1,277 feet.Sandy Point Beach on St. Croix is only open on weekends and is closed from April to August to protect nesting leatherback turtles. The turquoise waters are ideal for snorkeling and you're likely to see turtles, coral reefs and fish.

Sailors will want to look up at the sky; more than 100 species of birds live in Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge.For an unforgettable experience, take a one-hour charter boat trip from Christiansted to Buck Island Reef National Monument. Here you can explore Elkhorn Barrier Reef which spans around two-thirds of the island and discover a thriving ecosystem of marine life protected by federal law.