Explore the Most Secluded Beaches in the US Virgin Islands

Are you looking for a tranquil beach escape in the US Virgin Islands? Look no further! From St. Thomas to St. John, there are plenty of secret beaches and coves that can only be reached by boat or on foot. Whether you're seeking a peaceful retreat or an action-packed day, these secluded beaches have something for everyone.

Unlike the easily accessible beaches on the east end of the island, these beaches require a bit more effort, whether on an all-terrain vehicle or on a hiking trail. The journey to Stumpy Bay Beach is the toughest of all the isolated beaches in St. Thomas, but once you arrive, it will have been worth it. Neltjeberg Bay can be accessed by a 4-wheel-drive car or after taking a short hiking trail that starts from Dorothea Beach.

I've heard of people using standard two-wheel drive, but I think it's risky. If it rains while you're enjoying the beach, it's very likely that you'll have difficulty climbing back to the top of the road. You will find the road to Neltjeberg on the north side road. If you don't have an all-terrain vehicle, head to Dorothea Beach and you'll find a trail near the west end of the beach that leads to Neltjeberg Bay. St Thomas and St John are home to popular tourist spots such as Magens Bay and Trunk Bay, but during our recent visit to the US Virgin Islands, we were determined to find more secluded areas or secret beaches on the islands.

We discovered paradise on three beaches: Sandy Beach and Neltjeberg Beach in St Thomas and Little Cinnamon Beach in St John. This article shares how to access Neltjeberg Beach in Santo Tomás, along with tips for visiting it. The white sand descends into the turquoise waters before reappearing on the horizon in the form of San Juan and the British Virgin Islands. The trailhead is on the left side of Dorothea Beach, in the forest, but unfortunately there are no signs. The six cabins without telephone or television located in bougainvillea enjoy panoramic views of an idyllic white sand beach.

What's more, despite being one of the best beaches in the world, it's incredibly easy to find a quiet corner under the shade of a palm tree just for you. As nightfall approaches, be sure to get a table at the Sunset Grille to savor fresh seafood and put a colorful end to your day in the Virgin Islands. With stunning views of San Juan and the British Virgin Islands, Coki Point Beach is located in Smith Bay Park, a 21-acre protected area managed by the National Park Service. Although small, Coki Point Beach is the busiest beach in Santo Tomás, with more activities than any other beachfront spot in the United States Virgin Islands. So what do you think? Which of these secluded beaches is your favorite? What beaches do you plan to visit on your next trip? With so many hidden gems scattered throughout these islands, there's something for everyone!.