Is St. Thomas the Safest US Virgin Island?

Have you ever dreamed of living in paradise on St. Thomas and the US Virgin Islands? If so, you may be wondering if St. Thomas is a safe destination for your next Caribbean vacation. The answer is yes, St.

Thomas is a safe place to visit, despite its high crime rate. Most of the crime that occurs on the island is between groups involved in illicit activities and rarely affects tourists. However, it's important to take appropriate precautions against petty crimes such as robbery and theft. The areas of St. Thomas that are most popular with tourists are generally safe, including Red Hook, much of the East End, Charlotte Amalie Waterfront and Main Street, Havensight and Crown Bay cruise ports, Water Island and beaches like Magens Bay, Hull Bay, Coki Beach and Lindqvist Beach. Statistically speaking, St.

Croix has the highest rate of violent crime in the US Virgin Islands, followed by St. Thomas and then St. John with the lowest number of violent crimes. However, this shouldn't stop you from visiting St.

John as most of the violent crime that occurs on St. Thomas involves people who know each other and are involved in external illicit activities. In addition to being aware of petty crimes, tourists should also consider other safety issues such as hurricanes, access to medical services and issues related to the ongoing pandemic. It's also important to note that although tourist scams are not common in the US Virgin Islands, visitors should still be on the lookout for them. Misdemeanors can occur almost anywhere so it's important to take common-sense precautions when travelling to St. Thomas and other US Virgin Islands.

Tourists should also expect to pay higher prices than residents for services such as taxis, ferry tickets or boat trips departing from airports or cruise ports. The most serious natural disaster that threatens the US Virgin Islands is major hurricanes between August and October - this is also when hurricane season peaks and when temperatures are hottest and wettest. Despite this, it's still a great time to visit as prices are usually lower. St. Thomas has a hospital with exceptional staff but some medical resources are lacking compared to those found in continental USA - if something serious were to happen, victims would likely be evacuated to San Juan in Puerto Rico or even Miami in Florida for life-saving treatment. Mobile phone service may not be available depending on where you're staying in St. Thomas so it's important to plan ahead so you have a way to communicate with friends, family or local authorities if necessary. Finally, visitors should be aware that all water on the islands comes from cisterns when it rains so there is no natural source of flowing freshwater - also bear in mind that local customs should be respected when interacting with inhabitants of the Virgin Islands. In conclusion, St.

Thomas is an incredibly safe Caribbean destination for tourists despite its high crime rate - most of which does not affect visitors - and there are many areas where visitors can enjoy their vacation without worrying about their safety.