Exploring the Best Public Transportation Options in the US Virgin Islands

Planning a vacation in the US Virgin Islands? From taking a taxi to going from island to island by ferry, here are the best ways to get around St. Thomas and its neighboring islands. Renting a car is one of the most convenient options for getting around St. Thomas.

There are car rental agencies located in St. King Airport, just outside the airport, near the two cruise docks and in some resorts. Vehicles generally include compact, full-size cars, SUVs, jeeps, minivans and trucks. Taxi services in St.

Thomas are abundant, well-organized and reliable. They are available at the airport, at cruise docks, at resorts and at popular beaches and attractions. Licensed taxis are regulated by the VI Taxi Commission and have fixed rates per person, per destination. For those looking to go from island to island from St.

Thomas, ferry services are available between St. Thomas and the four main islands of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). However, due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the service is currently only available between St. Thomas and St.

John. The barge transports vehicles together with their passengers. A number of resorts offer ferry service in St. Thomas, including the private Westin ferry for resort guests traveling between St. Thomas and the Westin Resort, St.

John; the Lovango Resort & Beach Club operates a ferry between St. Thomas and Lovango Island; and Frenchman's Cove Resort offers a ferry between his resort and Charlotte Amalie. Water taxi schedules and fares in St. Thomas are a popular choice for those seeking personalized service when ferry schedules don't match their schedule or when their destination cannot be accessed by ferry. The water taxi service is available from St.

Thomas to various islands of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). However, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this service is currently limited. The best way to go from island to island from St. Thomas according to one's own schedule is to rent a boat with a captain. Options include motor boats, sailboats and catamarans; most popular options are half-day and full-day trips from St.

Thomas or one-night trips or yacht charters. Travelers can fly to St. Croix, Puerto Rico, the British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations from St. Thomas; helicopters are also an option for getting there from St. John (which doesn't have an airport) or for traveling to some of the neighboring small islands and cays. Airplanes, seaplanes and helicopters are available in St.

Thomas. VITRAN is a public transportation system in St. Thomas that operates buses throughout the island; however, it does not cover the entire territory of St. Thomas Island so check routes before using it as an option for getting around as it may not work for you. VITRAN has a reputation for being late so book extra time or use another transportation option if you're on a tight schedule; additionally, VITRAN Plus service is available for passengers with disabilities (documentation is required).St. Thomas Dollar Ride drivers use safari buses; many regular taxis also use them so it can be confusing to differentiate between them when stopping at or near a bus stop. The best advice is that if you stop at or near a bus stop it's likely to be a one-dollar ride; ask for help from other people who are waiting at the bus stop or ask the driver if it's a dollar trip before boarding. Scooters and motorcycles can be rented from one store in St.

Thomas but it's not considered to be a bicycle-friendly island due in part to its mountainous nature and lack of bike lanes and bike trails. However, it is possible to explore parts of the south side of St. Thomas by bike mainly along the harbor shoreline and around downtown Charlotte Amalie. In recent decades, pedestrian infrastructure in St. Thomas hasn't been designed with pedestrians in mind; there are some sidewalks but not enough yet; there is currently only one official hiking route; there are still no priority spaces for pedestrians; vehicles are currently allowed everywhere where there is a public road. If you plan on using public transportation as your main option for getting around ranks low among available options but there is some hope especially around Charlotte Amalie. Always schedule a taxi to come back to pick you up especially when they drop you off at the beach as cell phone service on beaches is limited and you may not be able to call. The following transportation lines have routes that pass near Salomon Beach: Moovit offers free directions from the nearest public transit station so you can easily get to Salomon Beach in US Virgin Islands. Exploring all your options when it comes to transportation while visiting US Virgin Islands will ensure that you have an enjoyable experience while visiting this beautiful destination!.