What's the Weather Like at Different Times of Year at Beaches in the US Virgin Islands?

The U. S. Virgin Islands are known for their hot and oppressive weather, with daytime temperatures ranging from 84°F in winter to 89°F in summer. Average nighttime temperatures range from 70°F to 76°F.

The Virgin Islands experience extreme seasonal variations in cloud cover, with January being the clearest month and June being the cloudiest. The wettest season lasts 7 months, from May to December, and the most humid days occur in September. On the other hand, March is the month with the least rainfall, with an average of 0.7 inches. The windiest part of the year is from June to August, with July being the windiest month.

The time of year with the warmest waters is from July to November, with September having an average temperature of 84°F. The coldest water temperatures occur from January to April, with February having an average temperature of 79°F. For those looking for outdoor activities, the best time of year to visit the U. Virgin Islands is from late December to late March.