Which Virgin Island Has the Best Beaches? A Comprehensive Guide

The Virgin Islands are a paradise for beach lovers, boasting a wide variety of stunning beaches with unique characteristics. From the active Cinnamon Bay Beach in St. John to the tranquil Magens Bay Beach in St. Thomas, there is something for everyone.

If you're looking for an active beach experience, Cinnamon Bay Beach in St. John is the perfect spot. This beach is part of the Virgin Islands National Park and offers a range of activities, such as exploring the old Danish beachfront building, which houses a temporary museum showcasing archaeological findings from excavations in the area. There is also a self-guided, half-mile Cinnamon Bay Trail, where coconut trees and seaweed trees provide shade for long stretches.

Plus, it's one of the few places in the Virgin Islands where you can camp on the beach, thanks to Cinnamon Bay Beach and Campground. Lindquist Beach in St. Thomas is a rare exception to the rule that Santo Tomás beaches are less protected than those in San Juan. This narrow half-moon of virgin sand is a haven of peace for families thanks to its shallow waters, picnic tables, a lifeguard and a bathhouse with showers. Best of all are the panoramic views of several cays that wind along the horizon. Hull Bay on the north coast of St.

Thomas is a great spot for surfers between November and March when there are waves from the north. The rest of the year, this beach is known for its lively bar, its shade of sea grapes and its slightly rocky seabed. Magens Bay Beach in St. Thomas is one of the most beloved beaches in the Virgin Islands. This heart-shaped beach has beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters, plus a water sports cabin where you can rent kayaks, beach chairs, floats and snorkel equipment.

It's perfect for families and swimmers of all levels. Salomon and Honeymoon Beaches in Cruz Bay on St. John are accessible on foot and offer beautiful views under the shade of palm trees and spectacular snorkeling opportunities. Kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are popular beach activities here. Maho Bay Beach on St. John is another favorite among beach lovers.

This beautiful stretch of white sand beach overlooks a quiet, shallow turquoise bay and is home to green sea turtles that make their beds on nearby seagrasses. Get to the beach early or stay late to increase your chances of seeing these gentle reptiles in their natural habitat. Hawksnest Beach on St. John is just 5 miles down North Shore Road from Cruz Bay and offers snorkeling and diving opportunities just a few meters from shore. Parking is abundant here and there are several picnic tables and barbecue grills available for visitors. Finally, Trunk Bay Beach in St.

John is a must-see destination within the Virgin Islands National Park. This quarter-mile stretch of sand surrounds a beautiful crescent-shaped formation of turquoise waters and features an underwater diving trail where visitors can spot sea turtles, stingrays and giant hermit crabs.