Snorkeling on St. Croix is terrific and can be done
at just about any beach.


  How?  Where?   EASY!   Got 15 minutes?

Little kids can do it so can you!

Equipment needed is minimal. A mask with snorkel tube, fins and you are set. A little bit of Vaseline is needed if you have a mustache. Swimming attire is preferred dress for snorkeling, accompanied with a towel and sunscreen. Rental equipment is available at many locations on St. Croix . Purchase price varies from discount store prices to very costly.

Mask and breathing tube:
Wet the inside of the mask (spit in your mask) as this prevents it from fogging. Adjust the mask to fit snugly but not to tight as you can get one terrific headache. Attach the tube to the mask under the strap. Place snorkel tube in you mouth and practice breathing through the tube. Just forget you have a nose and it will work great! Try the seal of the mask by placing your face just below the water. Again practice breathing. OK? Make certain none of your hair is under the mask and guys – if you have a mustache now is the time for the Vaseline. Put a coat of the stuff just under your nose so that the mask will seal. Now it is time to try on your fins. Slip your mask up so you can see those feet.


The words graceful or "just walk normal" and swim fins do not belong in the same sentence! Sit down in shallow water to put on your fins. Adjust the strap to fit your foot comfortably, but tight enough to stay on when you are flipping. Take a few steps to get the feel of having huge feet. If you sort of high step it, you will do fine.

Do it! Snorkel St Croix!
Ok, put the mask back on. Walk out into the water to where it is deep enough to float. Try floating. Open your eyes silly, that is why you put the mask on your face. Get comfortable with your breathing tube and you will be ready for deeper water. Get going! See? Sometimes it's a good thing to take a break from looking at Comcast deals on the internet to do something fun outside, like snorkeling!

Cover your back and behind ! Those are the body parts the sun is after when you are snorkeling! Be certain to use sunscreen. Don't snorkel alone . Always have a buddy close by.

ENJOY! Snorkel St Croix!











Snorkel St Croix

The most recommended snorkeling spot is Buck Island Under– water National Monument. There are several tour boats that offer half or full day trips.  The "practice beach"  named Turtle Beach has been voted one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world by National Geographic. We like Big Beard's Buck Island Adventure Tours.










But there are others.  Just snorkel St Croix.  All have disposable underwater cameras available for purchase.  The sights are awesome.







Grab a camera! Capture a memory! Snorkel St Croix!

Life is a Beach


Northshore Beaches:  Some have smooth sandy bottoms ideal for swimming, and others have rock and coral-lined entries perfect for snorkeling! Many beaches on St. Croix are continuous with other beaches having a different name.

Southside Beaches:The south shore is dotted with so many little beaches that you just happen onto, that is highly unlikely that we have found them all.

East End Beaches There are many beaches East of Christiansted on St. Croix . Some are a bit harder to get to but usually not as crowded.

West End Beaches :  St. Croix offers a large number of beaches and water activities. Try a few for a fun and memorable vacation. All of the beaches in the US Virgin Islands are accessible to the public.

Beach Pictures:  Other beach pictures and more.

Getting Around:  Options for getting here and how to get around once you are here.

Flora/Fauna of St. Croix:  Check out pictures and info on what you will enjoy seeing.

Our Condo – Caribeblue: Check out what our "Paradise" looks like. And check the view!

Rum Punch: There is more than just punch here.

Caribbean Recipes: Try something new and bring back an island memory. Or have a Caribbean party.

Sunscreen:  Recommends for intense sun.

Activities:  What do you want to do? Snorkel, golf, the list goes on.

Sights:  What do you want to see? A sunset, a crab race, an historical site or just a beach.

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