You will not find a ladybug on the St Croix flora and fauna list.  You can find all kinds of flowering plants and strange looking critters. The St Croix flora and fauna of the island is unique in comparison to our Chicago area.  It is an island with alot to see and do, with many options trading education for fun and rewarding experiences!

You may have already seen this picture but here is the little "cutie" that likes to eat the Frangipani leaves. I like the flower.  It blooms in the summer and that little guy has to get way up in the tree for his meals. He is about 6 inches long and about the size of a quarter in diameter. Looks like he is wearing little boots.



















































































































































































I love palm trees.  Doesn't really matter what kind. Here are a couple of different ones (left is Coconut Palm – right is Christmas Palm)
See the red and green berries? They are often made into jams and marmalade.  They are ripe for picking in late September.
Sea Turtles have existed for 150 million years, all three species that are found here, Hawksbill, Green and Leatherback Turtles are endangered.
The official flower of the island is the ginger thomas.

There are no topless beaches on St. Croix but nobody told the little sand crab.  He just runs nakie anywhere, which is normally just a few inches from home.

Bougainvillea is everywhere and in so many colors. White, pink, red, orange, purple and all shades in between. The center of the flower has a little white star.

The little hermit crab doesn't move very fast but he certainly can make you move quickly when you notice him unexpectedly.

The Hibiscus is a common flower on the Island.  The bloom found in several colors only lasts a day.
Mongooses were imported from India in 1882 to combat rats in the sugar cane fields. Since the mongoose is active by day and the rat by night, the project was DUH? unsuccessful. The mongoose is still seen darting across St. Croix roads.
The Agaves plant is a native of St. Croix. These are like that little
The sugar bird or bananaquit is the island bird.  They are most everywhere and love to dine at hummingbird feeders.
plant you have in the other room, commonly known as snake plant or mother–in–law's tongue.  The ones on St. Croix just grow anywhere.  In a yard, in a ditch, in the rain forest or just along the road.  The highway crews just mow them down. They seem to be rather hardy compared to my little plant!

The Baobab tree, known locally as guinea almond or guinea tamarind, was brought to our islands from Africa where it is held in high esteem as a sacred tree due to its unique appearance, and importance as a source of food, water, shelter and fiber. African legend tells us that the BAOBAB looks so strange because it was planted upside–down when the world was created.  In Africa, it is often found in the center of villages, serving as a meeting pace just as the Baobab in Grove Place, St. Croix has been the gathering place for meetings of workers from the early days of the Island 's labor movement.

The oblong velvet-like fruit, which hang down singly on drooping stalks like a cat caught by it's tail, lend the name "dead rat tree" . The flowers open at night and are pollinated by bats. St. Croix has more Baobabs than any other Caribbean island.

Well, I got Ken up a tree.  Now, let's go shopping! I'll add more to this St Croix Flora and Fauna page another day.

Why, is the Turpentine tree called the Tourist Tree? Because the sun turns its bark red and then it peels!

More St Croix Flora and Fauna

ST. GEORGES BOTANICAL GARDEN has an extensive St Croix flora library.  Much more flora than fauna.  They have an beautiful orchid exhibit.  And a fauna library to rival any stateside one. 


Not just orchids make up the flora exhibits at St. George's but an abundance of many varieties are grown around the grounds.

The flora on exhibit is quite often found on the roadside, or in public planters that are watered by nature.  What an abundance of color.

More St Croix flora and fauna
flora & fauna
An egret out for a stroll.
St Croix Flora and Fauna coat or roam the hillsides. The Islanders love flowers and most everyone has a garden. Everywhere you look there is color, color and more color from the beautiful flowers of the Virgin Islands . Tropical fauna includes wide variety of creatures. Some St Croix Flora and Fauna we are all familiar with, just not as large!
St Croix Flora and Fauna are quite special as all native plants and animals of the USVI are protected under the Indigenous Species Act.
The yucca plant will grow as tall as a telephone pole.                          The grasshopper that jumped onto the car window was a good 3" long.
OK, pretty little flowers aren't your idea of St Croix Flora and Fauna.  How about cactus and geckos?
painkiller fruit
Painkiller is available in Paradise!

Interested in more St Croix Flora and Fauna then visit St George Botanical Gardens. 

If St Croix Flora and Fauna doesn't interest you, then get adventurous and go seek out a beach.  They are everywhere.

Seen it all? Need more ideas?

Sights: What do you want to see? A sunset, a crab race, St Croix Flora and Fauna, a historical site or just a beach.


Northshore Beaches:  Some have smooth sandy bottoms ideal for swimming, and others have rock and coral-lined entries perfect for snorkeling! Many beaches on St. Croix are continuous with other beaches having a different name.

Southside Beaches : The south shore is dotted with so many little beaches that you just happen onto, that is highly unlikely that we have found them all.

East End Beaches There are many beaches East of Christiansted on St. Croix . Some are a bit harder to get to but usually not as crowded.

West End Beaches :  St. Croix offers a large number of beaches and water activities. Try a few for a fun and memorable vacation. All of the beaches in the US Virgin Islands are accessible to the public.

Beach Pictures:  Other beach pictures and more.

Getting Around:  Options for getting here and how to get around once you are here.

Flora/Fauna of St. Croix:  Check out pictures and info on what you will enjoy seeing.

Our Condo – Caribeblue: Check out what our "Paradise" looks like. And check the view!

Rum Punch: There is more than just punch here.

Caribbean Recipes: Try something new and bring back an island memory. Or have a Caribbean party.

Sunscreen:  Recommends for intense sun.

Activities:  What do you want to do? Snorkel, golf, the list goes on.

Sights:  What do you want to see? A sunset, a crab race, an historical site or just a beach.

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life is a beach
Don’t be surprised to see this little guy and his friends running the streets.  They are a common sight.
Well, this guy is not as common of a sight as one might think.  But the iguana really does live here.

As of August 28, 2007 an area of Estate Grenard at Ha Penny Bay as been declared a critical habit for an endangered plant.  The plant, a tropical lilythorn, or Catesbaea melanocarpa, is a branching shrub wiith small spines, small leaves and funnel-shaped white flowers. It grows in both dry and moist subtropical forests. It has not been found elsewhere on St. Croix.








The plant was listed as an endangered species on March 17, 1999 . It is also found in Puerto Rico, but those locations are already protected as commonwealth forests.

sea turtle
New hatchling going to sea.

This little guy and his friends can be found along the edge of most shores. He runs in and out of the water getting tidbits.  Commical to watch this Sandpiper.


Interested in conserveration?

A nice article by the The Nature Conservancy 


They have been hired to help St. Croix develop a plan to insure future wild life at the East End Marine Park.



Click for Christiansted, Virgin Islands Forecast
Here are two examples of Royal Palms. They are supposed to be "special" and you are LUCKY if you have one on your property.  Me, I'll take any palm tree.
These little guys are fast!
Well – what did you expect in PARADISE?
The hermit crab goes anywhere, house included.
Face only a mother could love.
It is quite fragrant too. But watch out for the thorns!
This little guy makes a messy nest that has a side entrance.